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UNIPROM - Bauxite mining

Bauxite mining - UNIPROM METAL

The company Uniprom Metal d.o.o. has been managing the Red Bauxite Mine in Nikšić since 2015.
Red bauxite is one of the most important mineral raw materials in Montenegro, along with coal, lead and zinc ore, and as such has a significant impact on the development of Montenegro.
Since October 2015, the company Uniprom Metal d.o.o. invested more than 5 million in increasing production capacity, repairing equipment and modernizing the plant of the factory they bought from the bankrupt company, Rudnica Boksita SC.
Ore production currently takes place in three active mines, two of which, Biočki stan and Đurakov do 1, are mines with underground exploitation, and Štitovo 2 is a mine with surface exploitation. Preparations are underway to start production from the Borovnik deposit, which will also be underground.