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The word of the President

The key to our company's success is our team's hard work and great energy, which consists of competent and capable employees. Also, success does not come overnight, successful companies are built gradually, step by step. The company Uniprom was founded in 1991, and its growth and development took place in the continuity of planned development and constant investments.

We pay special attention to employee satisfaction, product quality, preservation and improvement of the environment and social responsibility. Business environment, climate, and working conditions in which employees contribute to the development of our company every day, but also to their advancement, are among the priorities of our business policies. Our hidden business logic is to contribute to our development and improvement every day, so our company will also record success. For the past 30 years, we have tried to build a system of satisfied, successful people, because that is the only way our company could resist all temptations and business challenges.

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