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UNIPROM - Mission and vision


Our mission

The company's mission is to improve production processes in Montenegro and increase Montenegrin exports through the application of knowledge, experience and best world practices, with a commitment to clean and high-quality production, creating products that are competitive on world markets.

Our vision

The vision of Uniprom is based on the following values:

• the worker is in the first place because it is the employees who are responsible for the success of Uniprom;
• partnership relations - for over 30 years of existence, the company Uniprom continuously invested in partnership relations on which it bases its business;
• responsibility - towards employees, partners, social and environmental responsibility as a basis for business progress and development;
• innovation - the company continuously strives for improvement by introducing innovative changes by the highest world standards.

Developing business based on the stated values, Uniprom's vision is to create new values through sustainable development, leaving a legacy for future generations.