Smelters - liquid metal production

Smelter facility is composed of potline B with potrooms B1 and B2.

In the potrooms of the Smelter there are 132 electrolytic pots respectively, which means that there are 264 pots in the Smelter in total, which allows the annual production of 60.000 t of aluminum.

Pots are made by Pechiney technology with pre-baked anodes and point-feeding system.

A classic electrical and chemical smelting process takes place in an electrolytical pot, where alumina dissolves at the temperature of approx. 970 C in the bath whose main components are synthetic cryolite (complex of sodium-aluminum fluoride Na3AlF6) and alumina that dissociates to Al+3 iones and O-2 iones.

Aluminum settles in liquid state at the bottom of the pot and is tapped from the pot by means of vacuum ladles, gets transported in crucibles and is sent to the cast house for further treatment.

Main raw materials are: alumina, pre-baked anodes, aluminum fluoride and electricity.