Health and safety

One of fundamental tasks is taking care of health and safety of all employees, securing health and safe work environment, which is achieved by means of an active, measurable and constructive health and safety program. Training of employees and supervision of the work environment are being constantly implemented, with the purpose of detecting any kind of danger for the health and safety of employees.

Health and safety center operates within KAP and it implements its professional activities in line with the legal regulations. Regulation on health and safety defines rights, obligations and responsibilities of employees and management, while Instructions and Guide for safe work define rules for all specific work operations.

By help of a health care station operating within KAP, employees are provided with 24-hour permanent health care services. Employees that work in special conditions undergo regular annual specialized medical examinations.

The measures that have been continually implemented resulted with a substantial reduction in injuries at work.

Employees are provided with a meal served in all three shifts, as well transportation services from place of their residence to the place of work, and vice versa.

In accordance with the legal regulations, 24-hour work of firefighting unit is also organized.