Invitation letter for investment into the company

Podgorica, 4 July 2017

Subject: Invitation to invest into Uniprom-KAP LLC through various investment options.

Dear Sir / Madam,

We, Uniprom-KAP, a private company incorporated and organized under the laws of Montenegro, would like to invite potential investors to invest into the multinational aluminum production oriented company.

The brief about our product is mentioned in the corporate website.

The long-term goal in business operation is creation of new added value of produced aluminum by introducing new technology lines for further processing, and including thereby new products in sale assortment.

Liquid aluminum produced in our smelter can/will be used as a raw material, as well as solid input purchased in the market.

Liquid metal will be offered to our partners, in course of materialization of the Free Zone project, whilst remaining quantities are going to be utilized by Uniprom-KAP.

We see that there is indeed a huge potential and opportunities for aluminum and bauxite production in Montenegro.

We would appreciate if your management team would take a look at this investment opportunity put forward by our company.


On behalf of Uniprom-KAP LLC,

Veselin Pejovic, chairman