Alumina plant modernization

Alumina Plant is an integral part of Uniprom-KAP.

The plant has been shut down since 2009.

The original capacity of the plant was 280.000t/y.

Restart of the plant including modernization and capacity increase is estimated to cost 35 million euro and it would be performed through the following steps:

  • Restart of the existing facilities
  • Expansion of capacity
  • First step: to evaluate what is the max. capacity when fully using the existing facilities and de-bottleneck
  • Second step: to evaluate the possibilities of reaching 400~500kt/y after carrying out the first step
  • Product quality improvement: comply with international market requirements
  • Energy Saving
  • Environmental Improvement to reach the European standard
  • Red mud storage and utilization
  • Dry mud storage and transportation
  • Recycling iron content in the red mud
  • Remove Zn O contained in bauxite
  • Possibility to produce high purity Al2O3