New smelter

One of development projects of Uniprom-KAP is construction of the new smelter.

New smelter with capacity 140.000-180.000 t of liquid aluminum will be installed at the location of the existing potrooms of the Potline A or at new location, which shall be decided upon following the preparation of feasibility study.

  • A new corresponding electric power facility will be installed next to the new smelter, as well as the new rodding shop, bath treatment facility, fume scrubbing system and other accompanying equipment.
  • New pot technology (300-400kA pot with point-feeding system)
  • New potroom building at the location of the Potline A or at the new location of Potline C. 

Modernization of the Potline B in existing Smelter

Maximum potline capacity is 60000 t liquid aluminum per year. It is planned to examine the cost-effectiveness which should include the following:

  • Transition from alumina side feeding system to point feeding system, closing the pots by fume hood, assembly of accompanying equipment
  • Enhancing the potline current
  • Optimization of pot lining for energy saving
  • Adding the Gas Treatment Center (GTC)