The current volume of commercial metal production is 40.000 t/y at Al 99.70 quality

Contracts on financing, engineering and technical assistance with the Pechiney, France, was signed in 1968, and on 12 February 1969 construction of the aluminum plant (KAP) had started. In 1972 Alumina plant started its production, and within months an impressive production capacity of 200.000 t/y were achieved.

Primary aluminum capacities were commissioned in 1971, but full production capacity of 50.000 t were achieved at the end of 1973.

Apparently, almost half of century have passed since capital investment in aluminum production is made.

Most important long-term development projects of KAP is construction of new smelter, capacity 140.000 t of liquid aluminum.

Number of installed pots will be 140, and technology designated will be the one of 370kA pot with point-feeding system.

Besides the new Smelter, a new appropriate electric poweer facility, new rodding shop, bath treatment facility, fume scrubbing system and other accompanying equipment would be installed as well.

The estimated value of investment is USD 385 million.