Aluminium production in Montenegro is exclusively organized and managed by Uniprom-KAP

From July 2014 to July 2017, Uniprom-KAP has invested more than EUR 15 million in capacity increase, equipment overhaul and modernization of plant facilities it had purchased from ex Kombinat Aluminijuma Podgorica (KAP) in bankruptcy.

During the same period, 97 new electrolytic pots were started, thanks to which an annual production level of 40.000 tons of commercial metal was achieved.

Investment plan envisages commercial metal production increase up to maximum 60.000 t/y and downstream capacity development.

Uniprom-KAP has opened a new modern restaurant for employees in order to provide better work conditions and increase satisfaction of employees.

The new medical center for providing primary health care services to employees that will be equipped with up-to-date equipment is being constructed, while overhaul of transportation vehicles and reconstruction of the facility where they are maintained are currently in the process.

By the Decision of the Assembly of the Capital City of Podgorica as of 30 April 2014, KAP’s zone was declared the Business zone (ref. to the Decree of the Government of Montenegro on Encouraging of Direct Investments, Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No.80/15). Procedure to obtain consent for establishing the Uniprom-KAP Free Zone is in the process.

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