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The average salary at KAP before entering of UNIPROM was 550 euro and now it is 750 euro, and KAP’s owner Veselin Pejović has said that the plant is more productive today than it was half a year ago. The Head of management team running Kombinat Aluminijuma.

Every other day, one more relined pot is put into operation in Potline B. Such rate of progress will make the full potline in operation in August. 

"This today is the fourth series of pots that have been put into operation since the beginning of February. Our plan is to reach the level of 60,000 tons by the end of summer this year", the Head of management team running Kombinat Aluminijuma Nebojša Dožić has said.

"Production capacity will be 5,700 to 5,800 tons per month", Pejović has said.

The pots at smelter cannot operate without cathode blocks, which are supplied to KAP by a Ukraine company.

"We have signed a contract with Uniprom for delivery of 125 sets of cathode and side blocks. We immediately realized that this was a serious company, that KAP had a perspective, and that a highly serious approach to work was taken", Valeriy Churichyn from the Ukrainsky Grafit company stated.

Besides the pot relining at Potline B, Pejović will give up neither from the Potline A. Apart from this, investments of over 20,000,000 euro are currently being realized.

Preparation of the contract for putting into operation the billet production line at the Casthouse is in its final phase, which is a strategic investment for us. Apart from that, Secondary Smelter reconstruction project is in the process of preparation.

"We plan to put this facility on feet again and to process secondary aluminum and one part of primary aluminum and achieve a monthly production of approx. 1,500 tons", Pejović stated.

Two months ago a ton of aluminum in exchange market rated 2,200 dollar with 450 dollar premium. Currently the price is much lower, but Pejović is not so concerned about this.

"We have experienced loss, but the profit as well", Pejović has emphasized. All goods imported and sold by KAP is transported by Montenegrin railway and through the port of Bar.

"Currently KAP cooperates with over 100 domestic companies", Dožić has stated.

KAP regularly settles its liabilities for consumed electrical energy.  The owner of Uniprom claims that in two years’ time the headcount would at least double, and production volume would be 120,000 tons per year. 

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