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The company Uniprom today in Podgorica signed an agreement on cooperation with the Austrian company Hertvik Engineering in the amount of 15 million euros to build a factory of billet (logs) capacity of 60,000 tons and secondary smelter (alloy) having capacity of 30,000 tons.

"Thanks to the positive economic environment that is provided by the Government of Montenegro, the company was able to arrange this important work. In this way we continue to work on raising the Montenegrin industry, providing the stability and prospects of business Uniprom industry and the existence of each employee. In accordance with the strategic development and vision of Uniprom, national aluminum industry creates conditions for additional jobs. This is also the second stage towards our strategic objective, and that is that the alumina is not exported as raw material but as an intermediate and final product. As we have announced, everything goes in accordance with the set plans, so that we will, as always, continue to fulfill the announced plans. By means of construction and modernization of the two factories and outage electrolysis, Uniprom aluminum industry takes up his position as one of the three leaders in the production of aluminum, in Europe, "said Uniprom’s owner Veselin Pejovic.

Construction work on the secondary smelter plant will begin immediately and it is planned factory to be opened in July 2017, with a capacity of 30,000 tons of alloy.

Hertvik Engineering is a company that operates within the SMS group, known for its design, construction, procurement and expertise in the field of machinery and equipment for the aluminum industry and the production of aluminum semi-finished products.

Gunter Vimrojter from companies Hertvik Engineering said that he is very pleased that his company may contribute to the development of the Aluminum Plant in a way that will install equipment for the production of logs and ingots.

"The connection with KAP has achieved quite a long time ago, almost ten years ago, but until now we have not been able to agree on the further development and our contribution. We are very pleased to be working with the new owner of the conglomerate and we hope that in the near future KAP improve their production and create jobs. We are very happy that we are in Montenegro and what we can contribute to the economic development of the country. Montenegro is very beautiful country with nice people, so we are very happy that we will work on this project", he said.

Hertvik Engineering for 40 years holds worldwide leading position in the sphere of production lines factory billet or logs, having about 90 percent of market share.

With advanced technology of melting the company has in recent years managed to introduce a revolution in the metal industry.

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