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At the round table on metal industry in the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Uniprom-KAP announced that next week company will sign a contract on manufacturing of small alloy (this investment is worth 6 million euros). The situation in the aluminum industry, after it was taken over by Uniprom, is much better than before. Uniprom invested more than 10 million euros in equipment, workforce and new cells.

Total 76 cells are repaired, leading that production in 2016 amounted 38,832 tons of metal, whilst in this year is a planned at 46,144 tons.  Since by the end of 2017 potline "B" (Electrolysis) is about to become fully operational, consequently, annual production of 60,000 tons is real target for year 2018, said yesterday general manager of Uniprom-KAP Nebojsa Dozic.

He announced that next week Uniprom-KAP shall sign a new contract on manufacturing of small alloy, and that this investment is worth around six million euros.

"This will be followed by investment in the production of logs in the foundries and this investment is worth 12 million euros," explained Dozic.

When it comes to electricity, Dozic said that the Uniprom-KAP last year imported energy from abroad completely, but this month half of the energy is consumed from national sources, half from abroad.

"It is a kind of public opinion, that Uniprom-KAP spends all electrical power in the country, with adverse effects the citizens. In that regard, I will only say that If KAP stop production costs for transfer of electricity in the next year be the in the range of five million euros; if KAP at any given moment fails to pay this money, the citizens will be responsible to pay it. Complete export of the energy consumed by KAP will be worth like 30 million euros, whilst same energy – consumed in process of aluminum production, given the value of such production – shall be worth like 130 million euros", explained Dozic.

He noted that in KAP currently employs about 550 workers, with average net salary between 750-800 euros.

"All relevant social security allowances are paid on workforce salaries and corporate revenues and profits, Uniprom-KAP has no tax related debts. Company invested lot of money in improvement of health care, conditions on workplaces and transport of workforce. Tomorrow we will open a new restaurant in KAP, in which we invested about 600,000 euros "said Dozic, underlining that metal industry in Montenegro has future and great potential.

Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce, Stanko Zloković said that the rich raw material base represents a valid basis for modernization of the metal producing industry.

"Both steel and aluminum production have a future in the modern world, especially in process of development of new technologies. Metal sector realistically can generate new jobs and new employment in Montenegro", said Zloković.

President of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and advisor to Ironworks Štore Style, Marjan Mačkošek said that successful companies do not depend on the form of ownership but on whether the boss is good or not. He noted that the metal sector in Slovenia was in deep crisis after the collapse of the former Yugoslavia.

"For many years we were looking for all possible variants to the industry set up in some branches that would be acceptable and we have come to a situation that is today the industry in Slovenia very strong," said Mačkošek, stating that now Slovenia exports to the most demanding western market in the most important industries of all - cars and trucks.

He said that preserving of the existing school system and preventing the closure of Metallurgy faculty at the University of Ljubljana leaded to present success of Slovenian metal industry.

"You have to forget the big amount of aluminum and steel which you used to be produce. Company should begin to work with a smaller scope, precisely focused on specific segment of international market, having clear vision on development. Montenegro needs to ensure the school system and to find ways that young people in these activities see their perspective, " concluded Mačkošek.

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