Source: Chamber of Economy of Montenegro

In cooperation with the Contracting Chamber of Commerce, Pirot District, on 26 February 2018 the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro organized a working meeting about free zones in Montenegro and Serbia, placing a special emphasis on business operation and activities of the Pirot Free Zone. The initiative for this meeting came from the company Uniprom – KAP.

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Indeed, issue with the landscape of Montenegro is that, whether talking about sea or mountains, everything is equally ’’contagious’’, Watson said.

The representatives of super powerful American agency OPIC are in Montenegro these days.

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The largest Montenegrin exporters for the year 2016 were Uniprom, Elektroprivreda (EPCG) and Uniprom Metals, and importers Jugopetrol, Krnovo Green Energy and Voli Trade, the Customs Administration announces.

Data on value of import in monetary terms remain confidential.


Tax administration of Montenegro have published today a new White List with 256 Montenegrian companies having the highest degree of fiscal discipline.

The list contains names of taxpayers the Tax Administration continuously maintains a successful cooperation in terms of tax compliance and settlement of tax liabilities.

Source: Vijesti (News)

At the round table on metal industry in the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Uniprom-KAP announced that next week company will sign a contract on manufacturing of small alloy (this investment is worth 6 million euros). The situation in the aluminum industry, after it was taken over by Uniprom, is much better than before. Uniprom invested more than 10 million euros in equipment, workforce and new cells.

Source: National Broadcasting Corporation of Montenegro

"It also means not only improvement of primary production in KAP, but also the opening of a number of manufacturing plants that will lead to the production of semi-finished products. In this way we will get not only someone who exported raw material, but someone exported a number of semi-finished products from Montenegro Montenegro ", said minister Sekulic.

Source: AntenaM

The company Uniprom today in Podgorica signed an agreement on cooperation with the Austrian company Hertvik Engineering in the amount of 15 million euros to build a factory of billet (logs) capacity of 60,000 tons and secondary smelter (alloy) having capacity of 30,000 tons.

Author/source: SEEbiz / RTCG 

The average salary at KAP before entering of UNIPROM was 550 euro and now it is 750 euro, and KAP’s owner Veselin Pejović has said that the plant is more productive today than it was half a year ago. The Head of management team running Kombinat Aluminijuma.

Every other day, one more relined pot is put into operation in Potline B. Such rate of progress will make the full potline in operation in August. 

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