The first exploration activities aimed at exploring red bauxite ore in Montenegro were taken back in 1936, and the first exploitation afterwards, in 1948 at the ore deposit Zagrad.

The production realized in the same year was 7.643 tons. Five years later the record production of 100.252 tons was recorded, which was realized with 5 newly opened mines (Zagrad, Kutsko Brdo, Bunić, Gornje Polje and Kosjerić).

Thanks to the introduction of new machines into operation and to creativity of the staff, the production was constantly increasing, so in 1956 it was 201.530 tons, and ten years later it was 301,966 tons, which made Rudnici Boksita one of major mines of ex Yugoslavia at that time, and part of group of the largest bauxite mines in Europe.

The record production of 900.000 tons was recorded in 1989, of which 292.944 tons were produced through underground exploitation in underground mine Biočki Stan, whereas 607.056 tons were produced through surface exploitation in open pits Štitovo, Đurakov Do, Liverovići and Borova Brda.

The major part of the ore was processed in Kombinat Aluminijuma Podgorica. Apart from the plant in Podgorica, alumina refineries in Mostar and Zvornik partly satisfied their needs for alumina with bauxite from Nikšić until dissolution of ex Yugoslavia.

Since then, more difficult conditions of operation began, and in 1993, due to sanctions imposed on FRY by international community, only 110.000 tons were produced. In 1994 the production was completely stopped and restarted the following year. In 1996 the production was 57.730 tons, and the following year already it reached 328.318 tons, continuing the rising trend afterwards.

At the beginning of 2006, Rudnici Boksita Nikšić SC were privatized and the company started its business activity within EN+ Group, since when the falling trend of production has begun. The production was completely stopped in 2012 following which the bankruptcy proceedings were initiated in November 2013. At the moment of introducing the bankruptcy proceedings, total amount of claims against Rudnici Boksita Nikšić SC was approximately EUR 130 million.

From November 2013 to the end of 2015, the employees organized production on their own initiative, endeavoring to keep their employment and ensure their existence. During this period there were no major achievements with regard to production – 180.000 tons of ore were produced in total; there were neither investment works on preparation of ore deposits for further production. Subsequently, the production was stopped and the announcement for sale of assets published.

As of its establishment until the end of 2015, Rudnici Boksita Nikšić SC produced ca 26 million tons of red bauxite ore in total, out of which export to foreign markets made almost the third of it, and over 18 million tons were delivered and melted in local plants.

On the day of 28 October 2015, the assets of the bankruptcy debtor AD Rudnici Boksita Nikšić were sold to the company Uniprom-Metali Nikšić LLC that started investing in rehabilitation of neglected open pits and restarted production.

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