The Uniprom Group, owned 100% by Mr. Veselin Pejovic, has four main components:
a)  Uniprom D.O.O. (KAP) - Aluminium Production    
b)  Uniprom Metali D.O.O. Niksic - Bauxite Mining   
c)  Uniprom Energy - CNG and LNG distribution  Mr. Pejovic owns 40% of this company
d)  Uniprom Hoteli - Budva, Tara and Ziya hotels in Montenegro    

Since 2014, the Uniprom Group has grown immensely as it positions itself for Montenegro's accession to European Union.This process began in November 2005, when negotiations over a Stabilisation and Association Agreement began.

On 21st May, 2006, Montenegro voted for independence in a referendum - the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro was dissolved and Montenegro declared its independence, becoming the 192nd member of the United Nations.

In June 2017, Montenegro joined NATO, as a natural move for a country so integrated into the European Union that it uses the euro as its currency (replacing the deutsche mark back in 2002).

Montenegro's population is overwhelmingly pro-EU, with 76% being in favour according to polling and only 10% against. Half the population is between the ages of 25 and 54, with a high literacy rate of almost 99%.

Montenegro has been blessed with natural resources, 117 beautiful beaches along the Adriatic coast and over one million tourists per year.

This number is growing rapidly and the government is paving the way for a national development program. Its location in South-Eastern Europe, bordered by Croatia to the west and Italy across the sea, is ideal.

The country got its name (literally, "black mountain") from the dark, mountain forests that cover the land. The combination of mountains, forests, lakes and the coast make it a prime location for visitors.

Despite its relatively small size, there are two main airports in this world-famous tourist destination. Thus it is logical that Mr. Pejovic and his Uniprom Group focused their entrepreneurial expertise and efforts in the directions of commodities, energy and tourism.



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