en 02 bauxite mining aluminium production uniprom podgorica montenegro uniprom doo Uniprom Metali d.o.o. Niksic is the country's largest national mining corporation and the largest national ore exporter.

    Since October 2015, Uniprom Metali has invested more than Euro5m in capacity increase, equipment overhaul and modernization of plant facilities it had purchased from bankrupted Rudnici Boksita SC.

    A total of 90% of the world's bauxite reserves are concentrated as large blanket deposits in tropical and sub-tropical regions - West Africa, Australia, South America and South-East Asia. In general, the bauxite extraction process requires extremely high investments which often prove to be cost inefficient for companies trying to enter this market. If a company decides to "skip" this step and go straight to the smelting of aluminium products, it will still face high input costs and exposure to supply side risks.

    So far, 26 types of mineral resources have been found in the territory of Montenegro. Today, based on long-term government concessions, six are exploited (lignite coal, brown coal, red bauxite ore, lead and zinc ores, architectural or decorative stone and technical-construction stone). Previously there were nine (cement raw materials, marl and tuff - Pljevlja, ore barite - Pljevlja, clay for brick and cement - Pljevla, Berane, Bijelo Polje, Kolasin, Danilovgrad and Tivat, bentonite - Bar (Crmnica), tuff - Savnik, white bauxite ore - Cetinje's capital, gravel and sand of glacial origin - Zabljak and the sea salt - Ulcinj). Ten types of mineral raw minerals are not in exploitation (peat, oil and gas, chromium ores and titanium ores, iron ores, copper ore, dolomites, quartz sand, chert and gypsum).

    Uniprom's business model is to purchase bauxite ore from subcontractors who excavate the ore from the Uniprom-owned deposits, and then sell at pre-set contractural prices per extracted ton.

    These operations are the group's highest margin business and revenues continue to increase annually at double-digit pace.

    Those wishing an in-depth analysis of the bauxite mine numbers and/or a geological study of reserves approved by the Ministry of Economy are requested to contact us.

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